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Swim - Bike - Run - Strength & Conditioning

Have you ever dreamed of finishing your first Sprint Triathlon, Olympic Distance or Ironman Race? Do you want to beat your personal best on your 10k or Marathon race or want to start at Open Water Races? Do you want your strength training to be planned and managed efficiently? Does your team need a strength & conditioning coach or mental coaching for the next season? I am the coach on your side!



My highly individual training plans consider your family and work life 100%. Before we start we'll go through a substantial assessment including your training history, injuries, equipment, etc. A proper strength & conditioning training is a significant part of every training plan. Let's cross the finish line with a smile! 

Customized Training Plan 290 € / month

(plus Annual Trainingsplan Fee of 190 € 1x per year)


Additionally you profit from: 

  • Free Premium TrainingPeaks Account 

  • Free Swim & Run Video Analysis

  • Unlimited email/text support on weekdays 

  • Weekly Check-In with Coach Katharina

  • Non-binding Coach-Athlete Engagement

  • Customized 2-weekly training plans

  • Plan Adjustments due to schedule changes, injury, and travel

  • Brand discounts

If you want to start your training with a pre-built plan, please purchase 4-12 week plans online on TrainingPeaks

If you are interested in a 12-Months-All-In Elite Triathlon Coaching including 2 x 2Day 1:1 Swim Camps (12 hrs of Swim Coaching) and 2 Day On-Site Race Coaching. please contact me! 

What else: 

You can book private sessions (swim - bike - run - strength) any time, online or in Vienna. If you need consulting on a bullet proof mindset, your race planning or a video analysis I offer 1 hour sessions as well. Not sure what you need? Reach out anytime! 

Your Coach, Katharina