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What a season! #hardworkpaysoff

What an incredible season this has been with still some races left to be tackled! I am grateful to be able to work with such passionate, driven, committed and humble athletes.

They can all be very proud of their results, including personal bests and first time finishes. Hard work always pays off. It needs to be stressed out that after a year of uncertainties on all levels, training, racing, staying healthy, planning and replanning it is not self-evident to keep going and holding the spirit up. They all pulled through, overcame those tough months and proofed once again that consistency is key.

Every athlete's story is worth its own blog entry. For sure. I chose to pick my triathlon rookies' story this time: Sebastian from Hannover.

Sebastian's goal was to finish his first marathon. The race got cancelled. His solution: running the marathon alone. His adorable wife Elena followed him on the bike to support him. Unbelievable achievement, especially that he could manage to stay under 4 hours (his initial goal), without the race day pushes & energy from other athletes, spectators and the race atmosphere. As cherry on top Sebastian finished his first triathlon ever, with 45 minutes on the 10k. His next step is the Viking Triathlon 70.3. in Schleswig-Holstein in 2022.

After a well deserved off-season for everyone I can’t wait to get the next season started. Amazing new goals have already been set. If you want to talk about your goals, check out my site: and let's set up a call!

2021 Coach Results
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