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Summer Sun Simplicity

HOW TO start into a FIT and HEALTHY summer!

*3 simple steps*

The sun urges through the gloomy sky. Temperatures record unpleasant ups and downs. You need three types of jackets every day to be properly dressed. Our skin welcomes every little sunbeam to restock our empty vitamin D stores. And when that all happens your thoughts from last spring pop into your mind: the perfect beach body. This year, you’re gonna make it. There are still a few months time. Months where you have to carry your holiday weight.

It is 2019. While knowing so much about biology, chemistry, medicine, anthropology, psychology, about us - human beings - we still think we can convert ourselves into stereotypes. The end of the summer will come, Christmas holidays will come and so will our frustration. The disappointment of having lost another summer with this enormously good-looking body that attracts all the attention is about ten months away. This year it could be different.

Let’s make it simple. We all know the logical truth. We know every(body) is different and that we can’t just all have ripped abs and flawless skin. We also know that our emotions and dreams about the stunning summer body just won’t go. We kind of want to hold on to those emotions. The good part: we need these dreams to start changing. Here’s one simple solution. We use science and combine it with a little bit of stamina.

M - B - F: we need MUSCLES, we need to BURN and we need to think about our FOOD


Muscles need energy – the more muscles you’ve got – the more you burn - let’s start with our core muscles:

2-3 times a week – 15 minutes (time of exercise = time of rest) – best before your endurance workout. Enthusiastic?

  • 3x30 sec plank

  • 3x30 sec side plank (both sides)

  • 3x30 sec glute-bridge

  • 3x30 sec heel touch crunch


Swim, bike, run, skate, hike... We have so many stores in our body, in muscles, blood, liver and fat cells - let's use them: 2-3 times a week endurance training - 30 minutes or more


2 simple rules

  1. Let your body rest to balance blood sugar level and hormones: eat 3 times a day and rest for 4-5 hours in between (no food, no limos, no gum, no snack, no drinks with milk or sugar)

  2. Skip all wheat products – why? Because it makes you think and forces you to grab to alternatives such as sweet potatoes, rice, vegetables, oat, porridge, most of asian cuisine. It also makes you skip the bread served at business dinners and the pizza that you would order after a tough work day!

Pretty SIMPLE. Try it and enjoy SUN and SUMMER feelings! You’ll love it!

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