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The Ultimate Triathlon Race Day Checklist

Download the ultimate triathlon training and triathlon race day checklist. Well, you can use this checklist basically for every endurance sport. Happy to get your feedback if you feel like something's missing or of it was helpful to you!

I am fully convinced that successful athletes do not just train consistently, having their goals set properly and having internalized their whys (that's another story), they simply have planned their races, training camps and daily trainings diligently and way in advance. It does help tremendously to be able to train when everything works when it should work and with everything in place where it should be. It further supports your mental status having planned and organized all your travels and equipment in advance.

Lots of the things on the list will probably make my athletes smile - they know why ;-)

Have fun, your Coach Katharina

The Ultimate Triathlon Race Day Checklist
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