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Ready for structured triathlon training? MAKE THE TEST!

  • Have you ever dreamed of tackling a triathlon?

  • Or even crossing the finish line of an Ironman Race?

  • The qualification for the Boston Marathon is on your bucket list but gets postponed year by year?

In my career as a coach the most named reason to not train with a structured plan or a coach is that athletes feel not mature enough to follow a plan. First of all they won't even call themselves 'athletes' and second of all they feel the need to learn and improve before starting with a plan.

THIS is the crux!

Everyone who reads this obviously occupies oneself with training. No matter how often or how much she or he trains. What does training mean? A systematic execution of a program to increase physiological capabilities. So, basically everyone who does sport on a regular basis follows a systematic execution program with the goal to get more efficient, to increase ones health and performance.

To dissolve the crux: the more experience you have, the more training years you piled up, the more you understand your body, the less you need a plan or a coach! WHY?

It starts with setting goals. As mentioned in the intro, you have dreams and a bucket list! I am sure. There's a difference between a dream and a goal though. A goal is one step on a latter to your dream. It needs to be defined with diligent care, taking into account your entire status quo (work, health, equipment, financials, etc.) Let your goal get challenged by your coach!

Imagine the following situation: enthusiastically signed up for a race, let's say your first Half Distance Ironman. Your buddies are doing the race, so why shouldn't you be capable of finishing it as well?!

Day 1: getting up in the morning, no breakfast, running an hour, red head, pulse skyrocketing, taking a shower, off to work, still sweating for 2 hours, grabbing every snack you can...

Day 2: lower back pain, a hell of sore calfs, glutes and quads... but pain is only in your head, correct? Let's go swimming with your combatants. After two lanes you feel like dying. Swimming is not the issue. It's only the breathing! Am I right?

Day 3: sore shoulders and upper back pain are added to the tight lower extremities. You feel like you've finally done something and are on the right track!

Day 14: you can't find restful sleep, everything hurts, swim performance has not increased as expected, your neck is killing you from your first experiences with aero bars on your bike (triathletes have aero bars, so you just mounted some yourself).

Day 15: you need a rest day

Day 16: uh, rest day felt awesome, so add another

Day 17: and another

Day 18: first doubts raise regarding the race in three months... maybe the goal has been set to high?

You see where I am leading too? Beginners and inexperienced athletes (YES, you all are athletes) need a step by step approach. Your head and your body alike need a careful approach.

Make the test yourself! Everything above 3 points is a definite sign to start training with a plan or a coach: (no data or email is collected, it's only for yourself)!

Wanna go through your thoughts? Let's talk! Book a 15 Minute free consultation here: or write an email to!

Your Coach, Katharina

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