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Believe changes Biology - a kick-ass story!

I almost squeezed my eyes out while desperately seeking the right gate to catch my plane back home. The training camp in Fuerteventura sadly came to an end. I felt drained from miles in the pool, on the bike and running on the windy costs from Morro Jable to Tuineje and around Mount Cardon. Yes, I was tired, in a good satisfying way, but one thing was clear. I needed new glasses. My eye doctor and I talked about the years gone by in a nutshell. An hour later I left with fancy, smart looking new glasses. That decision has been made as quick as a hiccup. A decision made by guts never takes long.

Not only I changed my perspective within a few minutes. He did too. Since two years he writes ‘doing sport’ from one bucket list to the next. Before I left his shop we had an appointment for a personal training lesson. He told me that now would be the time to just grab the chance and start. Time is so damned precious.

A few months later he managed to make a routine out of his 'I have to do more sports'. He swims twice a week, works out at home another two times and goes for a run here and there. His body is thankful. Tremendously. He sleeps way better, has more appetite, focuses on better food and has more energy for his daily routine. He also assured me that regulating the blood sugar level has a huge impact on your vision. Obviously that is equivocal. This person with his unconfined will to change his life without making a huge deal about it totally inspires me.

What is it that brought him to change? It is simply the belief that he can do it. It is the belief in you to overcome hurdles and boundaries and to see yourself accomplishing what you’ve written down on your to-do-lists. It doesn’t take much. In most cases it is not about the equipment. You need trunks and goggles and a pair of running shoes. You need a ticket twice a week to the pool. That's it. What you need is a start! Go! Do it!

You need to believe that you can do it and when you do, you change your body and your mind. Follow your gut feeling, believe in yourself, turn the right screws and change!

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